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Status Mileage

  • General terms
  • Retro-crediting
  • Mileage accrual terms and conditions
  • Codeshare flights
Qualifying mileage

Mileage earned through flying that is used to count toward your membership upgrade and renewal. Eligible flights are those operated by an Air China Group carrier under a Star Alliance member airline code or Air China Group carrier code, or any Star Alliance member carrier’s operating flights codeshared with any other airline. Flights with Star Alliance Connecting Partners are excluded.

Qualifying segments

Segments accumulated while flying that are used to count toward your membership upgrade and renewal. Eligible segments are those operated by Air China Group carriers under a Star Alliance member airline code or Air China Group carrier code, or some bookings operated by a Star Alliance member airline under any airline code, depending on the booking class. Flights with Star Alliance Connecting Partners are excluded.

Lifetime Platinum qualifying mileage

‘Lifetime mileage’ for short. This refers to all mileage accrued by travelling on Air China Group’s operating flights and codeshared with other Air China Group’s carriers after they joined the PhoenixMiles program. Shenzhen Airlines, Shandong Airlines and Tibet Airlines joined PhoenixMiles on January 8, 2013. Air Macau joined PhoenixMiles on January 1, 2015.

Table: General terms
Carrier shown on ticket① Operating carrier Mileage accrual ratio
Qualifying mileage and qualifying segments②③ Any carrier Air China family carriers Based on operating carrier's mileage policy for booking class.
Star Alliance carriers Air China family carriers
Lifetime Platinum qualifying mileage Air China Family Air China Family

①The carrier shown on the travel itinerary. If your flight is a code-share flight, the carrier code shown on your e-ticket will differ from the operating carrier code.

②Qualifying segments can be accrued for some booking classes on Star Alliance carriers.

③Not including Star Alliance Connecting Partners

Please note:

  • Non Star Alliance carriers that participate in the PhoenixMiles program include airlines such as Cathay Pacific (CX) and Virgin Atlantic (VS).
  • Partner carriers that do not participate in the PhoenixMiles program includes airlines such as Alitalia (AZ) and China Eastern (MU).
  • If your ticket was issued by an airline that participates in the PhoenixMiles program, but the flight is operated by a different airline that does not participate in the PhoenixMiles program, mileage cannot be accrued. For example, you will not receive mileage for an Alitalia-operated (AZ) flight sold by Air China (CA).
  • Mileage accrual rules are subject to change by airlines. Changes will be published on the PhoenixMiles website.

If you discover that any mileage is missing, make a retro claim as soon as possible. Once retro claim deadline has passed, the mileage cannot be credited.

Airline partner mileage Non-airline partner mileage
Required documents Air China family carriers Star Alliance carriers Other carriers Star Alliance Connecting Partners
E-ticket Proof of purchase
Boarding pass (original or photocopy)
PhoenixMiles membership card number
How to apply PhoenixMiles website, Air China mobile app①, or Air China WeChat account② Partners
Representative or ticketing offices of Air China family carriers③
PhoenixMiles Platinum hotline: 95583
PhoenixMiles Gold hotline: 95583
PhoenixMiles Member Services Centre
Application period 5 days to 6 months after travel 14 days to 6 months after travel Up to 12 months after the date of purchase

① Mileage for Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon and Virgin Atlantic flights cannot be claimed via the Air China app.

② Mileage for Star Alliance carriers and Air Macau cannot be claimed via the Air China WeChat account.

② Representative/ticketing offices are only responsible for collecting supporting documents.

Rules on Mileage Accrual
  • Mileage is calculated in kilometres.
  • When purchasing a ticket, checking in for a flight, or using services from a non-airline partner, please present your membership card or provide your membership card number. Always keep a photocopy of your ticket/itinerary and the original copy of your boarding pass (or proof of purchase issued by our non-airline partners).
  • The mileage you earn for each flight depends on the distance between the origin and destination as calculated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the mileage earnings ratio for the booking class that you travelled in. Please note that IATA distance figures are subject to change.
  • Please provide your member number when booking flights and checking in. Your mileage and segments will be credited to your account within two weeks after the flight is completed. The mileage cannot be removed from the account once credited.
  • Mileage can only be credited once the flight has been purchased and taken according to the itinerary and booking class listed on the ticket. The award, charter, designated flight and special offer tickets are not applicable for mileage accrual.
  • PhoenixMiles does not accept mileage transfers from other frequent flyer programs. Mileage cannot be accrued with more than one carrier for the same flight. When booking tickets or checking in, please specify the membership card number of the frequent flyer program through which you want to earn mileage.
  • In the event of a voluntary or involuntary carrier change, mileage will be calculated according to the operating carrier's mileage policy.
  • Our non-airline partners have their own mileage earnings policies.
  • You can request for purchase points earned with non-airline partners to be converted into PhoenixMiles mileage. Eligible mileage will be credited to your account within two months of your request.
  • Mileage is accrued based on the accrual ratio of the operating carrier on the date the flight is taken.
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