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To celebrate the 2018 Canada-China Year of Tourism, we are giving you Bonus PhoenixMiles Kilometers! If you register by 15 June,2018 and travel on select Air China and Air Canada flights between 1 April and 15 June,2018, you will earn up to 30% bonus PhoenixMiles Kilometers.

The details of the promotion are as follows:

I. Promotion dates

April 1, 2018 to June 15, 2018 (the date of travel)

II. Eligible flights

Air China-operated flights between Beijing-Vancouver and Beijing-Montreal;

Air Canada-operated flights between Beijing-Vancouver, Beijing-Toronto, Shanghai Pudong-Vancouver, Shanghai Pudong-Toronto, Shanghai Pudong-Montreal.

III. Mileage bonus

1. Sign-up method for mileage bonus: members must sign up via the PhoenixMiles website before the flight departs. Once sign-up is complete, they will be eligible for this bonus mileage promotion.

2. Sign-up date: From today to June 15, 2018

Operating carrier


Booking class

Bonus Mileage

Air China




First class (P/F/A)

30% of the normal mileage earned

Business class(J/C/D/Z/R

30% of the normal mileage earned

Economy class(G/E/Y/B/M/U/H/Q/V

15% of the normal mileage earned

Air Canada


Beijing -Toronto

Shanghai Pudong-Vancouver

Shanghai Pudong-Toronto

Shanghai Pudong-Montreal


Business class(J/C/D/Z/P

30% of the normal mileage earned

Economy class(O/E/N/Y/B/M/U/H/Q

15% of the normal mileage earned

This offer is subject to PhoenixMiles terms and conditions. In the event of conflicting terms, the terms on the PhoenixMiles website shall prevail. This mileage promotion is only open to PhoenixMiles members; PhoenixMiles Junior members are not eligible.

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